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Company Information

Carolina Prefinish has been transforming dream homes into reality since 1998. With a superior prefinishing system, we allow you as a contractor or homeowner, to focus on other aspects of your project. While we do our part to deliver you  the best prefinished product possible.


*Carolina Prefinish offers a complete line of prefinished tongue & groove. All North American species of wood available in all lengths and widths.


*Carolina Prefinish offers 1st class prefinished interior & exterior doors. All colors and finishes available.


*Carolina Prefinish also offers a full line of prefinished siding. Everything from log siding, Hardee board, cedar shingles, chink log siding and board & batting lap siding etc.


*Carolina Prefinish offers a full line of specialty woods such as walnut, cherry, cypress, maple, mahogany, oak, poplar, hickory and several other exotic wood species.


*Carolina Prefinish can custom match and finish/refinish any wood for any type of application including airplanes, boats, cars, etc.


*By prefinishing you eliminate the hassle of dealing with another sub contractor on the list. Whether its tongue & groove, paneling, doors or exterior siding, using Carolina Prefinish will save you time & money.


*Our prefinish system not only saves you time and money but delivers an excellent and precise finish to make your home stand out above the rest.


*Just install it and you are through!


*Located in North Carolina. We ship anywhere in the United States.

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