Carolina Prefinish Cedar Siding - Shingles - Shingle Panels - Fiber Cement Siding

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The Carolina Prefinish Benefits.


Save Money


Save time & Money  ½ the price of field coatings


Fresh Start

 Green Points

Start off with a clear toxic free home by using our prefinished tongue & groove.

Eliminate over spray and chemical contact to your new home by factory prefinishing.


No Shrink Lines


By installing your tongue & groove and then trying to finish it you get shrink lines. By prefinishing we cover the ends and edges so if it shrinks you’re covered.


Durable Finish


Our prefinished tongue & groove is KCMA approved and will stand almost everything you can dish out. One of the most durable finishes on the planet and like we mentioned, environmentally friendly and toxic free to your family.

Groove Lock
Interior Paneling