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Enhance the beauty of your home with pre-stained cedar / pine siding from Carolina PreStain. Carolina PreStain produces high quality Prestained Cedar / pine Siding, Cedar Shingles, Log Cabin Siding, Fiber-Cement Siding and other specialty products.

Here you can have the cedar siding you've always wanted at a very affordable price!

Benefits of our Prestained Cedar & Pine Siding
  • Factory staining costs half the amount of field staining.
  • Prestaining eliminates the problems of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking and overspray.
  • No weather delays, no waiting for painters to show up, no lost production time.
  • Every piece of wood is dried, precision milled and stained to provide long lasting beauty.
  • Coating adhesion is improved as compared to wood that is allowed to weather while waiting to be coated.
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