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Prestaining Process

Tongue N Groove

At Carolina Prefinish each board is graded, sanded to specification and has 3 topcoats on clear finished material. It is sanded in between each coat to achieve a 1st class smooth durable finish, and can also be stained any color of your choice.
Tongue N Groove Celing

Whether its pine, oak, cedar, alder, poplar, etc. Carolina Prefinish  can transform a door into a showpiece. Again 3 topcoats on top of stain if you like. We offer all colors & sheens
Interior Siding

Our Prefinished siding is done in a clinic controlled environment so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage, runs, lap marks, poor adhesion, etc., because each individual piece is coated and cured lying flat in a warm dry environment.
Interior Log Siding
Exterior Siding

Carolina Prefinish offers log siding finished for interior and exterior applications with a superior 3 coat application that provides beauty and longevity to any project. Add value, save time and money, protect your investment by using Carolina Prefinish log siding.
Exterior Log Siding
Groove Lock
Interior Paneling